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Camping Trips without the Stress

moonlight_homescreenCamping Trips without the Stress
Moonlight, a new mobile app, helps keep your trips organized
Going on an outdoor adventure with a tent full of happy kids can sometimes seem like an unreachable goal.
With all the moving parts, like grocery shopping, packing, meal planning and location reservations, camping trips can become a logistical nightmare. That’s why ACTIVE Network, LLC, a leader in innovative technology designed to facilitate active lifestyles created the Moonlight app.

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Go Play Outside Fortune teller

8 Backyard fun ideas


In today's post I'm introducing an old favorite childhood toy; the fortuneteller with a twist. Last year I really enjoyed my friend Jen's Kitchen Chronicle's idea I'm bored jar". She suggested a jar with different activities and suggestions in it to get kids up and doing something. With the end of the school year approaching us, I think it would be great to have a tool when that boredom moment hits our kids go give them a little help to get them outside to play. We have tested it this weekend and I can tell you it was a big hit in our house. Making an outdoor fortuneteller is a great activity for kids (Age 7 an up).

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Mud pie kitchen

mudkitchen1Believe it or not we do have trends in the #playoutdoors movement, and mud and mud pie kitchens are very popular amongst other bloggers. For some time I have been secretly admiring and thinking about creating our own outdoor play kitchen. My kids love to make dirt soups and mud pies all year round.

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Outdoor Play Birthday Party

birtdayparty1This is not a post about the perfect planned party; instead it is about a low key outdoor birthday party.  As some of you might know I always do outdoor birthdays for my kids even in the winter, but this summer I was very excited to plan for the first time an outdoor party in the summer, for my daughter’s 2 year birthday party.

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Cottage Summer - Ontario style

leselyfrontHere in Ontario the picture perfect summer is spent at the cottage. They even have a place called “cottage country” here in Ontario. Nothing wrong with experiencing nature in the city, but experiencing nature in a more natural context is completely different.  I recently read my friend Lesley’s, (also a fellow mom in my neighborhood) story on Kitchen Counter Chronicles


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Fairy houses

Spring flowers and buds on trees are coming and legend says with them our little fairy fiends. I know, beacuse my little girl keeps talking about them all the time. She is starting to plan her garden for the fairies. Legend says that if she builds a fairy house in the spring that fairies will come and live in it.

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