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Grow Sunflowers :5 fun activities

SunflowerGrowing sunflowers is an excellent way to connect children with nature. Planting seeds are easy things for kids to do. Just plant the seeds and just wait and see; they will be astounded on how fast they grow. Sunflowers are rewarding to grow, but also they invite both children and adults to experience the simple lesson of witnessing life spring from a simple seed, a peat pellet and a pot.

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Prepping for climbing

I've been doing a series on my personal blog called "Creating a Cragbaby."  The posts have tips and tricks for different situations and challenges you might run into when it comes to taking your little one on climbing, hiking, and camping trips.  About a month ago I published a post that deal with weather conditions , where I tackeled hot, cold, and of course WET weather.  When I saw that AKC was doing an "April Showers Contest" I knew that the wet weather portion would be most appropriate!  So here it is - anecdotal tips from my (admittedly non-expert) point of view...

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Easter egg hunt

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Have an Easter egg hunt in your local park or in your backyard. Boil eggs and color them with different colors. You could also use plastic eggs and fill them with candy and hide the eggs out in a park or nearby field.
Make the challenge according to the age of the children participating.


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Its pouring rain. One of those days that 9am feels like 5pm and is-it-time-for-bed-yet? *Yawn* One of the kids is sleeping, one is playing with playdoh and the other is bored out of his mind.

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Have an Easter picnic

easterpicnic2Whether you are celebrating Passover or Easter this week be sure to have a picnic outside with your family this holiday.
Spend some time with family and friends al fresco and head outside for lunch or brunch. Pack your picnic basket and go for a hike somewhere.

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In rainy and balmy weather

You can stay inside, but why would you?
It is fun to be outside and feel you are part of the natural elements.
The same thing you do with a water table inside is what you can do in a puddle.
This is also a great way to learn about the rain, what happens when it rains? Children love it too.


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