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10 ways to play with snow

We celebrated Christmas in Florida and we were eager to get back to Toronto to play in the snow. We were disappointed when we discovered almost all the snow was gone when we arrived Toronto. On Saturday it was 14 C /57 F degrees and wonderful spring weather. We sure did enjoy the day but we are not really ready for spring yet. Hopefully we will get some snow soon as I have some wonderful snow play ideas.

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Holiday crafts

Happy Holidays

However you celebrate this Holidays season, it is an excellent time of year to do some craft together with your family. In my family we are celebrating Christmas. I remember my childhood with found memoires of gingerbread cookies and making Christmas decorations with my mom. I feel so lucky to continue this tradition with my children today.

Nature offers some great opportunities for making Christmas ornaments; in our family we use natural elements in our Christmas creations. Of course…


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How to Celebrate an Outdoor Christmas

Guest blog post by Tanya Graydon Koob


When I was first asked about how we celebrated the Holiday Season and whether we celebrated an outside Christmas or not, I thought “are you crazy?”It’s winter in Calgary and there’s no way I’m sitting in the snow opening my Christmas gifts.  I want to be toasty warm in my living room sitting by my fireplace, my family all gathered round, with the Christmas tree shining in the background.We don’t even have a real Christmas tree because we like to put it up by mid-November to extend the season.But then I thought some more and I realized that we DO celebrate Christmas outside in our own special way. No Christmas would be complete without skating, skiing, sledding, and outdoor fun in the snow. Maybe it’s time to bring Christmas outside and to think outside the box a bit when planning for the upcoming holiday season.

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Holiday ice art

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Ice,ice baby

By Kari Svenneby

One year we celebrated Christmas in Norway, my home country. My parents were scratching their heads when my husband and daughter started to fill balloons with water and put them out on the porch to freeze. We then took cookie cutters on cookie trays and buckets and filled them with water.

Every time we were having dinner or hosting a holiday party last year, we would look at the beautiful ice sculptures glowing in the candlelight. It was so easy, cheap, environmentally friendly, educational and so beautiful.

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Make Christmas cookies for the birds

suetcookiesfrontWe set up our birdfeeder for the winter last Friday. The girls painted and helped set-up our squirrel proof birdfeeder and we discovered a mourning dove and a cardinal checking it out this Sunday. Hopefully we will have as many birds visiting us this year as we did last. It is quite amazing how much fun and entertaining a birdfeeder can be for the whole family.

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Outdoor Christmas

How do you celebrate Christmas? Maybe going for a hike outside? Well, if you need some new ideas how to change up a little bit this Christmas , this Norwegian family have some new ideas about how to celebrate Christmas.
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