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Go Play Outside Fortune teller

8 Backyard fun ideas


In today's post I'm introducing an old favorite childhood toy; the fortuneteller with a twist. Last year I really enjoyed my friend Jen's Kitchen Chronicle's idea I'm bored jar". She suggested a jar with different activities and suggestions in it to get kids up and doing something. With the end of the school year approaching us, I think it would be great to have a tool when that boredom moment hits our kids go give them a little help to get them outside to play. We have tested it this weekend and I can tell you it was a big hit in our house. Making an outdoor fortuneteller is a great activity for kids (Age 7 an up).

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Strawberries extravaganza

Monday we went strawberry picking with friends, as we do every year. When the season hits we schedule a trip.  So if you do want to pick your local strawberries you have to make sure you seize the season.

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Playground Police


“Every one minute, you come back and check in with me. If you go to either of the other climbers, come and let me know.”

That’s what I overheard at the playground today. A mom told this to her eight-year-old daughter. She repeated it, too, holding up her index finger to emphasize: one minute.


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Let’s go strawberry picking

By Kari Svenneby

Sure you can get fresh strawberries all year around, but nothing beats the taste of local strawberries in season. It is a sure sign that summer and sunshine is here to stay.

I hope you go to your local Farmer’s Market and find strawberries grown in your area, but why not go to one of the local farms and check out what fresh really means.


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Rhubarb soup and crepes

Rhubarb is one of my ultimate spring/summer childhood memories. I remember picking them in my parents’ garden.
We would peel off the stems and eat them raw with sugar on it. We were taught very young to not eat the leaves because they are toxic.

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Cottage Summer - Ontario style

leselyfrontHere in Ontario the picture perfect summer is spent at the cottage. They even have a place called “cottage country” here in Ontario. Nothing wrong with experiencing nature in the city, but experiencing nature in a more natural context is completely different.  I recently read my friend Lesley’s, (also a fellow mom in my neighborhood) story on Kitchen Counter Chronicles


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