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Happy fall, Good-bye Summer! : Fall cooking

fallcookingfrontEven though I’m sad to see summer go away, I’m looking forward to fall. I love autumn in Toronto with its mild temperatures and colorful leaves. But most of all, I love the bounty of harvest Ontario offers for me as an immigrant to the new world.

The gourds, squash, and pumpkins fascinate me. They look funny and they taste so good. With so many local ingredients available, I try out new recipes every year and dust off my old favorites.

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Make a pumpkin scarecrow

Scarecrown We managed to fill an entire weekend based around building pumpkin scarecrows. It was a perfect combination of playing, house chore, family outing, harvesting and lots of arts and crafts.

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Find Monarch butterflies

Every year something magical happens in Toronto. Each year, thousands of beautiful Monarch butterflies congregate at the shoreline before embarking on a 3,500-kilometre fall migration to Mexico.

Today we decided to follow Monarch butterflies on our bike ride by the shoreline.

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Camping Trips without the Stress

moonlight_homescreenCamping Trips without the Stress
Moonlight, a new mobile app, helps keep your trips organized
Going on an outdoor adventure with a tent full of happy kids can sometimes seem like an unreachable goal.
With all the moving parts, like grocery shopping, packing, meal planning and location reservations, camping trips can become a logistical nightmare. That’s why ACTIVE Network, LLC, a leader in innovative technology designed to facilitate active lifestyles created the Moonlight app.

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Go Play Outside Fortune teller

8 Backyard fun ideas


In today's post I'm introducing an old favorite childhood toy; the fortuneteller with a twist. Last year I really enjoyed my friend Jen's Kitchen Chronicle's idea I'm bored jar". She suggested a jar with different activities and suggestions in it to get kids up and doing something. With the end of the school year approaching us, I think it would be great to have a tool when that boredom moment hits our kids go give them a little help to get them outside to play. We have tested it this weekend and I can tell you it was a big hit in our house. Making an outdoor fortuneteller is a great activity for kids (Age 7 an up).

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Mud pie kitchen

mudkitchen1Believe it or not we do have trends in the #playoutdoors movement, and mud and mud pie kitchens are very popular amongst other bloggers. For some time I have been secretly admiring and thinking about creating our own outdoor play kitchen. My kids love to make dirt soups and mud pies all year round.

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