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Go sugar bushing


Maple syrup
By Russell Gienapp
In the world of food items there are few things that are more taken for granted than maple syrup. How do you explain to a young child the concept of taking 40 bottles of the sap of a tree to get the one bottle of syrup sitting on the breakfast table?

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Newfoundland, nature is never far away

Newfoundland -- Just the name makes me think of Vikings, salt and wind. The Vikings settled in Newfoundland or ‘Vinland’ as they called it in 1001. In 1960 Helge Ingestad and Anne Stine Ingestad discovered the first Norse Village in North America. In 1978 L’anse aux Meadows was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

When I started to plan our trip, going to L’anse aux Meadows was naturally on the top my ‘to do list’. But a quick look at the map made us change our mind. With only a one-week mini-vacation, we felt we had too little time. Instead we chose to spend our trip in St. Johns, Trinty Peninsula and Twillingate.


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Daydreaming is important for kids development

I, along with my trusty sidekick Marty, lived outside during the summers when we were kids. How else could we single handedly save the world no less than 472 times? From the first signs of trouble when we were eight, until I moved with my family to Oregon three years later, it was obvious to us that our town had somehow attracted the highest density of nefarious villains and paranormal beings in the world. In our first week as a team, Marty and I broke up a Russian spy ring, vanquished a coven of vampires that lived behind the drive-in movie theater, and killed a gelatinous blob that lived in an irrigation ditch.

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Make a birdhouse

There is definitely spring in the air in Toronto.Our new pets this winter has given us a lot of joy: cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, chickadees, morning doves and even a hawk has visited our small urban backyard. It is hard to believe that we live in the fifth largest city in North America when you look out our backyard windows. I’m so happy we finally found a birdfeeder that was squirrel proof and attracted so many different birds.

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Skating,Snowmen an Gold Medals

hockeyreflectorLast Sunday I promised my daughter we'd go skating.  There was laundry to do, bathrooms and a kitchen clean and vacuuming to be done.  I was exhausted after doing everything that needed to be done and I asked her if we could maybe go another day.  Her answer was "you promised".  Fair enough. So we got ourselves ready to go just as the big hockey game was starting.

My husband is the big hockey fan in the family.  I'd watched quite a bit of the Olympics and well, I wasn't broken up about missing the game.  Off we went to the rink.

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Plant seeds indoors

seeds3Are you a kitchen gardener, victory gardener, or maybe just like me, want to grow your own food, and gets excited
when you’re daughter at four says; “look it is coming spuds up, when is it time to pick them? “

New York, London, or out in the country, We all can grow something, and connect with the natural world. If you are an apartment dweller simply use containers to grow your vegetables Add a comment

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