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Fairy Cupcakes : Sugared flowers

fairycupcakefrontOur school has a bake sale tomorrow, and I’m making some fairy cupcakes for the sale. Hopefully they will be success for both fairies and parents. I’m using edible flowers as décor on lemon cupcakes. In this recipe I’m using pansies but nasturtiums and violets will also work.

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Algonquin and family camping tool kit

Algonquin, Our home away from home

Guest blog  Melodie Percy

Its' safe to say that when it comes to camping in Ontario, I'm completely biased. From the age of two my family, aunts, uncles and grandparents included, loaded up our cars and headed up to Algonquin Park. We did it a few times a year, even winter but my favourite time was always our end of summer trip during the last three weeks of August. The importance of connecting with nature and being in tune with the universal rhythm was instilled at a young age and has become part of who I am. Now as a mom of three myself, I share this with my own children.


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10 spring outdoor ideas

Are you happy spring is here? So am I, love the smell of the earth and to watch the trees bud and the wonderful spring flowers. Nothing wrong about Mister Frost, but I love that is easier to go outside with the kids, less outdoor wear to put on. Spring has some rituals for me and the kids and most of them are connected to the outdoors.

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Light Picnic dinner: Pita Tuna melt


In Toronto I’m lucky to live only a 15 minute walk to the beach. So now that the weather has been nice, after school we often jump on our bikes and ride to the beach. Being by the beach is an amusement for old and new.  Today they had fun throwing rocks in the water and making land art.

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Newfoundland, nature is never far away

Newfoundland -- Just the name makes me think of Vikings, salt and wind. The Vikings settled in Newfoundland or ‘Vinland’ as they called it in 1001. In 1960 Helge Ingestad and Anne Stine Ingestad discovered the first Norse Village in North America. In 1978 L’anse aux Meadows was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

When I started to plan our trip, going to L’anse aux Meadows was naturally on the top my ‘to do list’. But a quick look at the map made us change our mind. With only a one-week mini-vacation, we felt we had too little time. Instead we chose to spend our trip in St. Johns, Trinty Peninsula and Twillingate.


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Family biking in the city

Elizabeth Nemethy
First of all let me say that this post is not meant to come across as a sanctimonious brag about how wonderful we are as a family that bikes. Sure, we are wonderful but we also have a lot of factors working in our favor that make getting around by bike an easy choice lots of the time. For example we live within a block of an excellent, flat bike path. I hate hills so I can guarantee that if our rides involved any kind of incline, I'd be a lot less inclined to bike. So while I'd encourage everyone to bike more and car less, I know it's not always easy. And before I polish my halo too brightly, I cannot begin to pretend that we are giving up our vehicle. We're not that hardcore! But we are trying to make a conscious choice bike as often as we can and for trips that we might not typically have thought of as bike trips (we biked to the movies the other day for example).

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