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Mother Day’s Picnic

motherAll I want for Mother Day’s is sunshine, happy kids and my husband. Well, if I were totally honest, it would be nice if the kids and my husband would make a picnic for Mother’s Day. What he chooses is all the same to me, but he and the kids have a few of recipes to choose from on

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Dandelion Children

Dandelion kids - Stephanie Beeley (photos)

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Plant seeds indoors

seeds3Are you a kitchen gardener, victory gardener, or maybe just like me, want to grow your own food, and gets excited
when you’re daughter at four says; “look it is coming spuds up, when is it time to pick them? “

New York, London, or out in the country, We all can grow something, and connect with the natural world. If you are an apartment dweller simply use containers to grow your vegetables Add a comment

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Make dandelion crowns

How I love spring, and yes, dandelions as well. For me they are a symbol of kids and childhood. Dandelions could be the last flower available in nature, saving kids play in a world where “don’t touch nature”  culture has been taken away from children’s real experiences with nature. A real connection with nature happens from touching, feeling and getting dirty in nature.

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Fiddlehead Pizza

Have you ever eaten fiddl before? Before I noticed them in my local store here in Toronto my first spring here in Canada, I didn't even know what they were. Since then I have had a lovely relationship with fiddleheads.

Here is a pizza recipe from my friends over at Norcliff Farms Inc. If you don't have any fiddleheads you can replace it with asparagus. Add a comment

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How to ride a bike

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I recommend starting your child on learning to ride a bike as soon as they have an interest.By the age of three my daughter and her friends were zooming around a two wheelers without training wheels.

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