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Holiday crafts

Happy Holidays

However you celebrate this Holidays season, it is an excellent time of year to do some craft together with your family. In my family we are celebrating Christmas. I remember my childhood with found memoires of gingerbread cookies and making Christmas decorations with my mom. I feel so lucky to continue this tradition with my children today.

Nature offers some great opportunities for making Christmas ornaments; in our family we use natural elements in our Christmas creations. Of course…


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Make an Advent Calendar

I remember my childhood pre- Christmas time and my advent calendar. Now that I’m a mother myself, I love to create and carry-on traditions for my children. The holiday time is such a great time to create new family traditions. For this year’s Advent calendar, our family was inspired by nature. If you have followed me a little before, you know I have a special love for bringing nature inside whenever I get the chance.


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How to Celebrate an Outdoor Christmas

Guest blog post by Tanya Graydon Koob


When I was first asked about how we celebrated the Holiday Season and whether we celebrated an outside Christmas or not, I thought “are you crazy?”It’s winter in Calgary and there’s no way I’m sitting in the snow opening my Christmas gifts.  I want to be toasty warm in my living room sitting by my fireplace, my family all gathered round, with the Christmas tree shining in the background.We don’t even have a real Christmas tree because we like to put it up by mid-November to extend the season.But then I thought some more and I realized that we DO celebrate Christmas outside in our own special way. No Christmas would be complete without skating, skiing, sledding, and outdoor fun in the snow. Maybe it’s time to bring Christmas outside and to think outside the box a bit when planning for the upcoming holiday season.

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Cut a Christmas tree and take a photo

Well, it's that time of year. When my first son was little I did bring him in to a studio to get some pictures taken, but once we got a decent camera I decided that I'd take all of their pictures, and we do it outside, of course.My in-laws have a cranberry bog right behind their house which is also a Christmas tree farm (we got our Christmas tree there last year!)  So it's basically one stop shopping for outdoor holiday photography.

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Reflector hunt in the dark

reflectorhuntOne of the things that it seems to be a consensus on is that it can be hard to get outside this time of year. Not just because of the weather but also the dark days of winter. Wearing reflectors this time of year can prevent accidents for adults and kids. But, did you know reflectors could be fun too?


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Make a Hot Chocolate Kit

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Whenever my family is out enjoying winter activities we makes sure to have a full thermos with us. This year I am giving my hot chocolate recipe, in kit form, for gifts this year to friends, teachers and outdoor lovers.

It takes an extra step, but I prefer to make hot chocolate from melted semi sweet chocolate chips rather than coco powder. I think it just tastes better than powder.

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