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Go scavenger hunting

By The Scavenger Guru alias Rebecca Brown
Spring is here!  This is the perfect time to go exploring the natural world with your kids.  Trees are budding, flowers are blooming and the kids are restless.
My favorite way to connect children and teens with nature is by using a scavenger hunt.  This is a very hands-on way for them to explore their surroundings and use all of their senses.

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Hello from Florida

One week in Florida, as some of you might know I often think of Florida as my second home. My husband is from Florida which is where we first met. So at least once a year we come down here to visit is family.

It is not a hard trip to take for someone who lives in Canada. Florida has a lot to offer for nature and sun hungry Northerners. My Husband's family lives in Crystal River on the west coast of Florida.

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Pod cast about

Hi everyone, I’m down in the Sunshine State (Florida) swimming with the manatees. I also hope to do some camping while I am here.  I was slated to do a post about biking trailers today but there has been so much on the agenda lately, launching the Outdoor Playgroup video, visiting a farm on Wednesday and traveling to Florida on Thursday. 

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Kari's blog

A lot of times I get the question, “what do you do for living”. I say I live for getting kids and adults outside. Sometimes people will respond, “Like camping and fishing”? Well that too, but really I’m passionate about every day nature.

 You see, outdoor experiences don’t need to be big. They can happen in your backyard. It can be whatever you want to incorporate in your world. That is the beauty of Mother Nature; old fashion play is just outside. You can even find the world of sports and learn many lessons there.

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Go outside and play

Check out our new video and song. The song is composed by Angelo Oddi. Help us spread the word by sharing it with your friends.

Go out and Play!


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Cargo bikes

 By Kari Svenneby

Toronto seems to have been blessed with an early spring this year and I am finding myself in a real biking mood. I love biking, both as a way to get from A to B and just for the pure enjoyment.

 I always have owned a bike of some kind and use it to go everywhere. There must be something about the feeling of fresh air in my face that gives me such a feeling of freedom.


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