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By  By Emily McBurnie

I’ve started watching a TV show set in the early 60’s. It is about advertising men in NYC,but focuses on parenting in that time as well.
Sure, I cringe at the heavily pregnant women smoking and drinking, and the way the kids are left alone in bed sleeping while Mum takes the dog out for a walk. Then there are the kids jumping around from the back seat of the Cadillac to the front bench while the car is moving (no seat belts let alone car seats).

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Gifts for the bookshelf for slacker parents

We all know it: Baby Einstein is dead. Disney is offering refunds because of false claims that it would increase infant intellect. Maybe you have realized that a new trend is here – the slacker parent movement. The slacker parents is the opposite of the hyper parents, they give kids time to be kids and to be outside. They don’t believe in flash cards or hovering over the kids every minute. Let the kids be. It is not always easy to be a slacker parent, so it is good to have some great books to turn to sometimes.

For the slacker parent library you need a few groovy books to show you are serious, not just showing down

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Wild birds

Bird feeder

Kari Svenneby 

In fall and winter our bird friends can use some help through the winter. Start feeding birds and start watching them and collect data for who is coming back to your backyard. By a book and start identifying birds. One my favorite bird book for children is Backyard Birds by Robert Bateman.

When you start feeding birds in your backyard remember that you have to continue feeding them through the winter, birds become depended on your food and will come back to get it all winter.

A great way to start with bird watching is to start making bird food with your children. Making your own bird feeder is a fun craft you and your kids can do together. Sued (animal fat) and peanut butter (unsalted) and different seeds and nuts are common bird food.

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Winter wonderland

By Kristen Maxwell
The leaves have begun to fall, the air is cool and my daughter and I have begun to collect leaves to decorate the dinner table.  Yes, fall is upon us with winter on its heels.  Last year my daughter’s favourite winter fun was making snow angels. I wonder what will tickle her fancy this year.  Recently I came across a book called I Love Dirt!: 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature , by Jennifer Ward; she offers many inspiring ideas for outdoor play on cold, snowy days.

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Sand Play

Nice weather and sun finally! Beach and lazy days…

Did you know that through sand play children develop physical development, social skills, cognitive development, mathematical skills, science concepts and language skills?
All we adults need to do is to encourage and supervise their play. There is a lot of stuff you can do with the sand. Well, some times it is nice to be like a child and again and dig in the sand, and see what you come up with.

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