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Babies sleep in prams

What do Elin Nordegren (wife of Tiger Woods) and I have in common? Not a lot. But one thing we probably share is we slept outside in our prams even in the winter. Regardless of the weather when we were growing up in Scandinavia.

Treehugger recently posted a story about the “crazy” Scandinavians letting their babies sleep outside in their pram. Well if you were snuggled up in a wonderful pram inside a toasty bag of sheepskin, maybe you would sleep outside too. Whether you let your baby sleep outside, or just embrace the elements on a long walk, a good pram makes all the difference. Sorry, strollers and hybrid buggies just don’t do it for me. Three-wheelers are OK, but there is something special about a pram..

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Baby is cold

Well, not so cold here in Toronto. The weather has been weird this year, Florida has had snow and whole of Europe has been covered with snow. While we here in Toronto have hardly had anything.

Cold or not cold winter we are embracing the winter and take our babies out for walks. After all fresh air and some daylight are good for both mom and baby.

When taking out the baby in winter is important to dress your baby well.

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Walking versus Running: How much Time do you Have?

By Leehe Lev
In January 2007, I quit running. People often find it an odd thing for a personal trainer to give up running. Often people assume that since I look fit that I must be a runner. Runners have a hard time understanding why I quit.

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Happy New Year 2010

We wish you and your family a Happy New Year 2010

Thanks for supporting us we are looking forward to share joy and outdoor fun with you in the next year.

In play


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This post is inspired by a Twitter request from Carol Torgan. She requested we post about our top 10 playoutdoors gift ideas on Twitter. #playoutdoors is the hash tag we use when we post about outdoor living for kids and adults on Twitter. If you are on twitter check out the #playoutdoors hash tag.



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Moms wish list

There are a lot of outerwear choices out there for moms. A gorgeous coat that is perfect for covering that little black dress. Wait a minute did I say black dress? Sorry, that is my other life.

I have to admit; I have not always loved performance wear. But living the motto, “No bad weather, only bad clothing”, makes outerwear a necessary tool in helping keep me comfortable when I am out with my children.

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