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Caesar salad

One of our favorite family restaurants also serves Caesar salad, and to my surprise my daughter now adores their version. She has been asking me for some time to teach her how to make a Caesar salad at home. So, this is our kid friendly version of Caesar salad.



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Plant seeds indoors

seeds3Are you a kitchen gardener, victory gardener, or maybe just like me, want to grow your own food, and gets excited
when you’re daughter at four says; “look it is coming spuds up, when is it time to pick them? “

New York, London, or out in the country, We all can grow something, and connect with the natural world. If you are an apartment dweller simply use containers to grow your vegetables Add a comment

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Beachcombing- the ultimate treasure hunt

A trip to the beach doesn’t just mean sandcastles and swimming. Some of the most fun I have had with my daughter is just walking down the beach doing some good old fashion beachcombing.The best thing about beachcombing is it is the ultimate treasure hunt. The more you look the more you think you will find something better just a little farther down the beach.

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Winter thermos picnic

It is snowing in Toronto today. Some may think that is proof of the picnic season being officially over. Of course, that is not true for us at and for you. Many of our most memorable picnics have been alfresco, in the snow.

In our outdoor playgroups, the snacks and picnics are a very important part of the gathering. Bringing some good food and some hot chocolate is an important treat after your explorers have a little hike or are just out for some good old fashion play.

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6 Savvy Spring Break Suggestions: Outdoor Adventures for the Whole Family

By Heidi Drake,Playoutdoors

familyhikingfrontSpring hasn't quite sprung yet in many areas of the globe, but the annual phenomenon known as Spring Break is soon here! If you haven't made reservations yet but know you want to grab the kids and get outside, take heed of the following six places to go and adventuresome things to do with the entire family:

Camp in Arizona. Budget is a big concern for many these days, so if hotels and airfare aren't practical this year, pack up the family, the tent, camping gear and hit the road. The warm, sunny state of Arizona is not only packed with tons of hiking and exploring opportunities, there's a camp site to fit every style and budget, from full-hookup RV sites to family tent camping areas. If beautiful lakes and southwestern adventure appeal to you, take your family and check out the Grand Canyon State.


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Snow tag

If you are lucky enough to have snow where you live you have so many opportunities for fun outdoor play.

Now in the winter it is important to be in motion when you play outside, so you keep yourself and your kids warm. It is the winter that is our peak season here in There is so much to do; it is only our imagination that stops us.

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