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Make an Advent Calendar

I remember my childhood pre- Christmas time and my advent calendar. Now that I’m a mother myself, I love to create and carry-on traditions for my children. The holiday time is such a great time to create new family traditions. For this year’s Advent calendar, our family was inspired by nature. If you have followed me a little before, you know I have a special love for bringing nature inside whenever I get the chance.


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Road tripping and camping as a family in Europe

roadtrippingThis past summer, my husband and I took our two young daughters on a month-long road trip around western Europe. It’s become our annual tradition since we moved to Italy four years ago, and as usual, we slept in the large popup tent we’ve affectionately dubbed our summer home. One night, however, after an especially long day of travel, we splurged on a hotel room. We didn’t feel like setting up camp, and the convenience of ready-made beds seemed worth the extra cost. Within a few minutes after checking in though, we realized it had been a mistake.


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Hot chocolate season

I do not know about you, but here in Canada it is definitely started to be hot chocolate season. I’m glad I have put in the bulbs and raked leaves over my flower beds, because Mister Frost has been visited us in the nights this last week.



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Everyday life Cape Town style

We live in a ‘cottage’ style house with a small backyard. There is a wonderful tree which has grown big enough for us to make use of it to the fullest – with rope ladders, rings, a trapeze and two ropes for climbing and swinging. My husband has also built a jungle gym structure out of fallen-off branches that we find on our walks. The girls are very creative in finding new ways of using the garden, whether it is new tricks on the ropes, making a house under the jungle gym or digging and mixing with sand and mud.


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Cottage Christmas


Guest blog by Rhonda Sage-Ursulak

It is coming up to that time of year again, a time the malls fill up with shoppers, and the tour de households begin. It is Christmas in our house; we celebrate our holidays a little differently than most. We get out of the city.

It started after my daughter was born, my second child. We were feeling the stress of the traveling to household-to-household and shopping and the rush of the holiday season. The only way we could afford to get away from it was to go up North to our cottage.  A 4-5 hour drive north to where you are guaranteed to have a white Christmas. Or at least New Years. It turned into our yearly tradition.

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Outside Every Day - Veterans Day

No rain today, but boy was it blustery!  We went to Boston to see the Veterans Day parade and spend some time at the parks and playgrounds.  The kids decided to stay warm in the stroller, but after the parade they hopped out and were chasing squirrels all over the common.
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