BIO Kari Svenneby

I’m a multi media storyteller,actress and an advocate.

Storyteller: I’m well versed in all of the social media channels and social media tools to grow a following online. I can create an engaged audience, and get noticed by the main stakeholders in traditional and social media. I’m a published health and travel writer for traditional press and online publications. I take pride as a researcher/writer (BA in library and information science) in using correct sources and fact checking in my articles.

Performer: In June 2016 I started working as an actor in the film and television industry and joined ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) in July 2016.


Advocacy; I was an early pioneer for getting kids outdoors in Canada; community initiatives for outdoor play and online articles. I created my own media platform to promote outdoor play and being active outdoors as family. I have been quoted in national and international press for my work getting kids outdoors, among them “Backpacker Magazine”, “Globe and Mail”, “Toronto Star” and “NRK” (Norwegian Public Radio).

Entrepreneur: I have imported and sold Norwegian outdoor clothing for children.  Designing and creating my own line of safety reflectors is one of my favorite achievements.  My products were sold in 20 stores in Toronto and online, they were also featured in “Savvy Mom”, “Canadian Family” magazine and “Yoyo mama”.

This is how I could work with and for you

- Travel and health writer

- Actress/ background performer and a model

- Researcher (fact checking, references) I understand and speak Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. I’m a professionally trained chef and understand “kitchen” French.

- Advocacy

- Speaker and parenting expert connecting families to the outdoors.

-  Social media strategy and management.  (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and YouTube) for small business, not for profits, and advocacy.

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Actor: In June 2016 I started working as an actor in the film and television industry and joined ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema,Television and Radio Artists). IMDb




Kari’s Story:
It all began with Kari handing out flyers in the Canadian winter of 2006. She wanted her daughter to have a childhood similar to her own in Norway with lots of friends to play outside with in all kinds of weather. Kari and her daughter spent some lonely days that first winter. Finding herself all alone in an empty frozen city park, Kari resorted to bribey; families  passing by were encouraged to stop for hot chocolate, coffee and homemade Norwegian waffles.

She was surprised over the lack of urgency about the need to get kids outside (especially in the winter) both from parents and educators in early childhood daycare programs. Being from Norway her viewpoint was immersed in a different culture where most educators and parents look at outdoor play as one of the most important gifts given to children.

Digtial skills
Using her digital skills to champion her message of ‘go outside and play’, she began developing original content and used social media to broadcast her message empowering other parents to get their children outside. For the last 10 years she has created content that has a different and unique way of connecting families/educators to the outdoors through art, movement, games, and learning. Her love of food always plays an important role with cooking and enjoying food with friends and family outside in all kinds of weather.

Kari’s Vision:
Kari’s mantra is an old Norwegian saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” A mantra that she is now popularizing outside of her homeland.


For writing/speaking and social media engagements get in touch with kariatactivekidsclubdotcom