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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 04:29

Enjoying the snow

Written by Margarita


Enjoying the snow.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 04:19

Winter Fun

Written by Margarita

Winter fun


Monday, 14 January 2013 06:51

Waiting For Snow

Written by Courtney

It's January 14th and it feels like Spring in New England.  We waited and waited for snow last year, skiing on a little bit of man made snow on the local hill and trying to occupy ourselves in the cold without the white stuff.  Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I was sure that this year would be different.  The birds chirping and road kill (unfortunately) have proven me wrong so far.  The kids made it out for one meagar day of sledding, but we want more!  At least we have made it out to some playgrounds and have comfortably been navigating around the neighborhood on scooters and bikes since ice has not been an issue.  Has it been an especially warm winter for you?


Friday, 07 December 2012 15:27

Geocaching with the Kids

Written by Administrator

geocaching Lynn Woods 07122009 001-8x11

Geocaching combines high tech, hiking and a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt to create something new. "Cachers" use handheld GPS devices to locate containers (caches) hidden in neighborhoods, local parks, and hiking trails. Some containers hold nothing more than a logbook, while others contain inexpensive trinkets and surprises.

As an outdoor family event, geocaching has few equals. In addition to the fun of the hunt, you can teach your children to respect the environment, share with others, and use technology in real-world applications.

Finding Caches


Start by researching a geocache website for caches near you. lists thousands of cache locations across the planet. You should have no trouble finding one in your area. Caches have different levels of difficulty; select easy ones for young children. The cache description includes the container's GPS coordinates.

Kids love taking something home from a geocache expedition, so read cache descriptions to see if the container holds small rewards. At the very least, a cache contains a logbook you can sign to prove you found the cache.

Geocache Gear

A handheld GPS device is needed for geocaching. Choose a sturdy model young cachers can operate easily. Dress and prepare as you would for a hike, with sun block, hats and refreshments. Good hiking shoes are necessary.

Caches can be hidden in cracks and dark areas, so pack a flashlight. It's an ironclad rule no cacher takes something from a cache without replacing it with an item of equal or greater value, so have the kids select a small bag of trinkets and small toys to replenish the cache. Oh, and take a pen to sign the logbook.

How to Geocache

Enter the GPS coordinates into the GPS device, and track the cache using the device. The GPS' compass setting will show you bearing and distance. Be sure to look up from the device as you search; cachers should remain aware of their surroundings. Avoid ledges, cliffs, and man-made hazards such as used construction equipment.

Most GPS locators are only accurate to within 20 feet, at which point you have to search for the cache. Containers may be hidden in hollow logs, under rocks or in piles of sticks. Remember animals sometimes live in such areas, so caution children to check carefully before exploring holes and cracks.

After you find the cache, sign the log, swap trinkets, and replace the cache exactly where you found it. Don't leave any hints or markers indicating where the cache is.

Cache In, Trash Out

Cache in, Trash out is a philosophy of leaving cache sites better than you found them. Tidy up before you leave, packing out garbage. Cachers sometimes organize large "Cache in, Trash out" activities, combining caching with organized trail maintenance, garbage collecting and removing invasive species or used equipment. Such group activities are a great way to meet other cachers and their families.

Friday, 23 November 2012 02:22

Yay us!

Written by Kristen Mawell
Yay! I hope you all saw our picture in the Burlington Post on Wednseday - we look great!  Way to go!
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 19:17

Creek Clean up!

Written by Kristen Mawell

The creek clean up was an amazing success, thank you all so much for coming out and lending a hand.  Much gratitude to The Field and Stream Rescue Team – the afternoon would not have gone as smoothly without you there.

I love seeing a park full of kids’ not just kids on the play equipment but kids everywhere claiming the park as their place to play.  My heart was a glow seeing kids in the trees and a whole gaggle of seven year old girls stomping in the creek.  Awesome.

I look forward to the next event – I wonder what we will dream up next?



Wednesday, 14 November 2012 03:28

Big pile of leaves

Written by Margarita

Big pile of leaves



Monday, 12 November 2012 05:00

Enjoying the fall leaves

Written by Margarita
Enjoying the leaves
Monday, 12 November 2012 04:59


Written by Margarita
Monday, 12 November 2012 04:55

Halloween - giant spider web

Written by Margarita
Halloween Giant Spider Web