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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 02:54

First Outing- A Great Success!

Written by ssactivekids

 We had a blast at our first outing today!  After the very low temperatures yesterday I think everybody was happy to be out.  We had 20 people and one very happy golden retriever.  Mostly we did a lot of sledding, playing in the snow and eating snow!  Our friends brought their dog along, so we had a fun time throwing snow covered sticks for her. 

Friday, 21 January 2011 20:42

Meet time for Tuesday, 1/25: 3:30pm

Written by Courtney
I forgot to put the time for Tuesday: 3:30pm
Friday, 21 January 2011 20:16

Our First Outing!

Written by Courtney


Going stir crazy? Need go get out? But it's so cold! That's okay- bundle up and meet us outside! Outdoor play is very important for kids- in all weather- and it's great for us, too!

We're going to do a weekly outdoor meetup on Tuesday afternoons for kids in the 0-6 range, so after nap time/school come join us for some outdoor fun! Our first meetup will be at Beals Park in North Weymouth next Tuesday.  I will bring sleds, assuming that there will be snow on the ground.

Parking for Beals is on Athens Street in North Weymouth along the fence overlooking the blue and brown playground.  Athens Street is very short, so as long as you find it, you'll find the park.  There is another fenced in playground (with Little Tykes structures) to the left of the church- that is not part of the park, it's for a daycare center.

We will meet in most kinds of weather. We will NOT meet if:

-The temperature listed on for that zip code "feels like" less than 20 degrees. This takes wind and humidity into consideration.

-Heavy Rain

-Rain + extreme cold


Outside of that, we'll be there.


*If it is extremely cold on Tuesday, as is the forecast, then I will cancel on here at least an hour beforehand and we will try to do it on Thursday when it's supposed to be a little warmer.*


Looking forward to seeing you there!