Monday, 14 January 2013 06:51

Waiting For Snow

Written by  Courtney
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It's January 14th and it feels like Spring in New England.  We waited and waited for snow last year, skiing on a little bit of man made snow on the local hill and trying to occupy ourselves in the cold without the white stuff.  Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I was sure that this year would be different.  The birds chirping and road kill (unfortunately) have proven me wrong so far.  The kids made it out for one meagar day of sledding, but we want more!  At least we have made it out to some playgrounds and have comfortably been navigating around the neighborhood on scooters and bikes since ice has not been an issue.  Has it been an especially warm winter for you?




I love the outdoors and our family gets outside as much as possible. I run the Boston Area Active Kids Club outdoor playgroup. Come play with us!


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