’s top 10 #playoutdoors holiday gift ideas

This post is inspired by a Twitter request from Carol Torgan. She requested we post about our top 10 playoutdoors gift ideas on Twitter. #playoutdoors is the hash tag we use when we post about outdoor living for kids and adults on Twitter. If you are on twitter check out the #playoutdoors hash tag.

My list is based on that I live in a cold climate; ideally I should have 1 for cold climate and another for warm climate. Thanks to everyone in the community for contributing to my list. I got some great ideas from you. Maybe someone living in a warm climate can send me some Christmas suggestions on what to get outdoor kids for Christmas.

 1.Get kids set for the winter and make sure they have insulated underwear, boots, snowsuit, hats, scarves and mittens. It isn’t just kids who need to have warm gear. Adults need to stay warm so they can play with their children. Look here for how to dress for outside in the winter

2.) Wool socks, everybody should have one pair of wool socks to stay dry and warm in winter. I don’t care merino wool, blend or old man socks. Just get them. It will keep you warm. It is the best invention ever made and it is reason why all outdoor explorers use them.

3) A sled: an old classic that never fails to amaze new generations. You have many choices; remember that often the most simple is often the best choice.

4) Ice skates are an excellent way to use the season for what is worth. There are many outdoor rinks all over US and Canada. Remember to keep it fun when the kids are learning. Read story about skating with kids here

5) Snowman kit! In a tin cookie can put a hat, mittens, scarf, large buttons and some black decorative rocks from the dollar store (found in the floral or craft isle). Keep a bag of carrots in the fridge and voila instant snowman kit that is reusable! I love this idea, which is so simple. Tammy Malone (Home based crafter and organizer of Families in Urban Nature in Toronto) suggested this lovely idea.

6) Bird watching kit: Bird food, binoculars and a birding book. Starting to watch birds in the winter is a great way to connect children with nature.Click for more info about birds and feeding

7) Sand toys: A bucket and shovel is as great a toy in the winter as it is on the beach in the summer. You can use the snow the same way you use sand.

 8) Books about nature: discovery of nature and also books that can help us to inspire for what to do outdoors is an excellent gift for parents and their little explorers. Click here for a list

 9) Gardening kit: Seeds, peat pellets and pots to start growing seeds indoors. You can always grow herbs indoors, but you can also do what a lot of gardeners in cold climates do; we start indoors with seeds in February. Read about seeding here

 10) Backpack with compass and a field guide.

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