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Winner of April Shower Blog Contest 2011 The US

We got a lot of great entries for our April Shower Blog Contest, 2011. Thank you! We are so happy that our community shares our love for playing in the rain, but as you know there can only one winner. Our Judge Linda Kerr, of Polarn O. Pyret USA, Sweden's leading children's wear, had a hard job deciding a winner from so many inspiring posts.


The winner of our April Shower Blog contest is Erica and her post : The Sun Didn't Shine

Erica will receive a voucher from PO.P worth $100. I don’t think it will be hard for Erica to find some great functional clothing for her little explorer.

Linda tells why she choose Erica as a winner and about the other entries

“While I love the activities to do in the rain, I love the spontaneity of just embracing the weather you have and going out into it to make your own fun (Brandy's was also of this one). I did think all the entries were great. And I do love the craft ideas from Mel and Debi. My very close second choice probably would have been the one from Brandy. I love that photo of her son playing in the rain.”

Make sure your read the other entries in our April Shower Blog's entries

Brandy tells us how a rainy day becomes the best day ever for her kids and It's raining, it's pouring...

Erica sure doesn't mind rainy weather. I think she has become one of our resident experts on rock climbing and rainy days.
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Rainy Day Games- Worm Letters and Numbers by Courtney

Rain art by Debi

Painting in the rain by Mel

Thank you for playing in the rain with us and thank Polarn O.Pyret USA, Sweden's leading children's wear, for being part of our April Shower Blog Contest.