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Kari Svenneby brings a unique Scandinavian perspective and flair to her programs about nature and getting families to embrace it daily. Friluftsliv (Norwegian: “fresh air life”) was a gift from her parents teaching and is almost impossible to accurately translate, as it is a state of being in action and interacting with nature instead of intellectualizing its parts. She walks her talk both online and in her community to pass on that way of being to her family and her audiences.

Classically trained chef, librarian, mother of two and founder of, Svenneby embraces the analogue of nature and food with the digital power of social media, television production and web publishing to champion her message.

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This is how I could work with and for you
- Travel and health writer
-  Social media strategy and management. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and YouTube) for small business, not for profits, and advocacy.
- Researcher (fact checking, references ) I understand and speak Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. I’m a professionally trained chef and understand “kitchen” French.
- Advocacy
- Speaker and parenting expert connecting families to the outdoors.



Workshops getting familes outdoors

Webinar with Kaboom!

Contact Kari for rates and schedules kariatactivekidsclubdotcom

Workshop Feedback
"I coordinate family playgroup 3 times a week. These are “mommy & me” playgroups held at our preschool facility. Listening to the webinar encourage me to move ahead with plans to operate an outdoor playgroup".

"This June, we will be turning our Fun Fitness Friday Playgroup into an Outdoor Playgroup. We plan to hold each class at a different park in the area. We will incorporate nature based activities with traditional activities they expect (parachute & story time). Living in the NW, we are accustom to the ample amounts of rain, but it’s hard to imagine running this year round. It may be a program we only offer during summer months when the chance of rain drops reduces from 99% to 95%".
"Thank you for the encouragement! We look forward to introducing families to the great outdoors in our community!"

"I was able to utilize the training, I work with a program that provides education and resources to childcare providers and parents and we've discussed outdoor play a lot, especially during the snowy months when providers are more hesitant to take their children out."
Early Learning Communities Group Facilitator
"I was already running a playgroup, but it made me take the initiative to set up an "Outdoor Playgroup" within our existing playgroup. Usually we try to meet outside anyway, but during winter in New England, that's not always the first impulse- many people just want to stay inside- we also have a lot of southern people who have relocated to this area and they find it hard to get out with the kids. So, I figured starting "Outdoor Playgroup" in the winter was a good idea. We've had really great turnouts to most of the events, and now that it's getting warmer I'm hoping that attendance will increase as well. One member who came to our outing this week said they hadn't been to a playground since the fall. We definitely did a lot of the things that Kari mentioned (sledding, snowman building), but haven't really tried any specific ways of playing yet that were mentioned that I hadn't tried before. I'm waiting for a warmer rainy day to get out and put boats in water and make channels and things like that! "