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Cupcakes for Haiti

Cupcakes for Haiti












On a chilly Saturday morning in January, on a small patch of lawn in front of a typical detached home in the east end of Toronto, $11,688.92 was raised for Haiti relief. What Susana Molinolo sold were just cupcakes, but what the people who bought them ate were sprinkled topped symbols of a community getting closer in the shadow of a disaster 1800 miles away in Haiti.

When Susana first posted on her Facebook that she was making cupcakes for Haiti at her house on a Saturday, it sounded like it was going to be a sweet lemonade stand event where she and her family were selling cupcakes with the proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

The word started to spread via our websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts and a small snowball started to roll down the mountain. The social media spark ignited the local community and the end result exceeded everyone’s expectations. Old friends and neighbours just minutes away from each other, who never met in person, came together to bake and buy. Though the internet and sites like Twitter have global reach it also can empower friends and neighbours to get together .

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Susana Molinolo

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