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Make a Hot Chocolate Kit

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Whenever my family is out enjoying winter activities we makes sure to have a full thermos with us. This year I am giving my hot chocolate recipe, in kit form, for gifts this year to friends, teachers and outdoor lovers.

It takes an extra step, but I prefer to make hot chocolate from melted semi sweet chocolate chips rather than coco powder. I think it just tastes better than powder.

Instruction on how to use chips for hot chocolate

Melt 3 teaspoon of semi-sweet chips and add 2 cups of milk with a half cinnamon stick. Stir and make sure all chocolate is melted being careful to keep the temp below boiling.

This is how to make a hot chocolate kit. I like to build the kit in such a way, as it can be broken down for single servings, or a kit that makes a big pot of hot chocolate for a chilly crew.

You need:
Large or Small Mason Jars


Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (used for cookies)

Cinnamon sticks

Sugar cane (for decoration)

Folded card with instructions

Put chips, cinnamon stick and sugar cane in a mason jar. Tie a ribbon over the rim and decorate. Tie with ribbon or otherwise affix a folded card with instructions. These can be as elaborate or simple as you want. Use pictures on a color printer or just simple hand written instructions and a season’s greetings on plain white paper. Getting the kids to decorate is always a good idea; maybe they can draw a snowman? Place a sugar cane and cinnamon stick (s) on the jar and tie it with a ribbon.
Happy Giving!


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