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Semlor and Fastelavns boller and Mardi Gras

Different foods are served all over the world, but this pre-lent treat have something in common as they are both very rich with cream and sweet buns like king cake in New Orleans with icing and different colors. htm Funny enough my husband is going to New Orleans and I’m going to ask him to bring some King cake home so I can taste how it taste compares to semlor and fastelavnbun.

In England they call it Shrove Tuesday and is the day to serve pancakes this tradition is also common in Canada as well as in the US and other places in Europe.

In Norway and Denmark they eat fastelavnsbolle (different fastelavnsbolle in Denmark)  on Sunday before Fat Tuesday and it is called Fastelavnsunday.In Sweden and Finland  they celebrate Fettisdagen (Fat day) on Tuesday.

Semlor (Swedish version)
Anna Twinnerheim in Beaches Bake Shope Café in Toronto told me how to make semlor. She serves it everyday from the end of Januray to Easter.

Sweet buns (use this recipe)
Almond paste
Whipping cream
Milk Icing sugar
Cut a circular “lid” off the top of each bun. Use a spoon to scoop out the inside of the bun.

Mix together the grated almond paste with the inside of the bun, add milk to make a smooth mixture and use this mixture to fill the hole.Whip the cream and spoon the cream on top of the bun filling.

Fastelavnsboller (Norwegian version)

Use this for the recipe for the sweet bun

1 cup of whipped cream

3 tablespoons of sugar


Icing sugar

Cut a bun in half and spread jam on the bottom of the bun, have whipped cream on the top of the jam. Dust icing sugar on the top.

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