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Camp food


Last week we went to our old style cottage here in Norway by the Swedish border.Our cottage is about 100 years old and was made by my great grandfather and my kids are the 5th generation who has enjoyed it.It is not a fancy cottage by today’s standards. It has an outhouse, no power, no running water and we have to hike to get to even get to the cabin.The water come from the well and for cooking we are using an old wood stove or we cook over open fire outside.I love to cook on open fire but my kids love it even more.On our last trip we also did fair bit of foraging as well. So much fun outside!


This was on menu at the “Hibory” (the name of our cabin)
Wednesday for breakfast
: We picked wild blueberries from the forest and made blueberry pancakes for a boxed pancake mix. (So we didn’t have to carry all the ingredients with us) But if you want to make pre made mix make try this recipe from Simple Bites This is a fun outdoor activity to do with kids as well.


Wednesday evening:
We made pasta with tuna and tomato sauce, a classic from my student days and easy to do. Thanks to Courtney from suggesting this dish.

Thursday Snack:Fresh picked mushrooms from our forest on toast. The best way for us to taste the forest gold is to simply sauté them in butter serve them on toast.

Thursday Dinner:Aluminum Foil dinner with salmon, veggies and mushrooms.


Friday Dinner: Steak with veggies wrapped in foil. We grilled the steak on an open flame and our veg (squash, pepper, spring onions, mushrooms and onion) in aluminum foil.

Fresh bread on a stick
Twisted bread on a stick, In Norwegian “pinnebrød, which translates into "doughboys”, or sometimes called “bannock” in native cultures in Canada

This dish has many names and it was dear friend and activity when I was at scout camps. I’m happy to report this was just as fun a food to make for my daughter as it was for me when I was little. I highly recommend it as an outdoor activity. We made the dough before we left for our cottage trip.



4 cups all-purpose flour

1 Tablespoon sugar

2 Tablespoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups milk (or water)

This is how to make the dough:

1. Mix flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt in a large bowl.

2. Measure the milk (or water) and add it to the flour mixture, stirring with a spoon to combine.

Put in a container and keep it cool on your journey.

This is how cook it:
Divide the dough into balls slightly larger than golf balls. Shape each ball into a rope shape about 8 inches long by rolling it between your hands. Wrap each dough rope around a stick. Hold the dough over an open fire and turn the stick frequently to bake the dough evenly.

More ideas for camp food from our community on FB page
Courtney suggested to make bananas with chocolate. "In Iceland the traditional camping treat is roasted banana with pieces of Mars bar (or sometimes other candy) in it. Slice the banana along the curve but leave the bottom skin intact. Insert pieces of Mars bar into the slice. You can put them on a grill until heated/melted or over a fire. I think when we made them by wrapping them in tinfoil and putting them over the grill/fire."

Laurel suggested, "Granola, yogurt & fresh fruit, Celery w/ cream cheese and peanut butter, bagels, crackers, sardines and oysters… Lots of fresh veggies & don’t forget marshmallows"

Campingblogger has a lot of ideas and tips for camp food and equipment

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