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Cook with kids outside

When it starts to be warm and nice outside it starts to be time for some al fresco eating. Getting ready for the BBQ season it something we are looking forward to in this house. I notice when I was in Europe it was very popular to create outdoor kitchens. It can be done very simple or you can just take the ingredients with you outside.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you are getting outside is to eat outside. We try to eat every meal in our backyard or as a picnic when it is nice. I hope you enjoy dining outside as much as we do in our family.

Here is what we like to use to cook outside with our kids.

BBQ Pizza
We have one tradition that we share with many families; Friday night is pizza night. We love to make pizzas in our BBQ. We simply bring our ingredients with us and make them outside.Check out how to do it here

Fish in foil dinners
Cooking fish in foil with seasonal vegetables is a very smart and tasty way to cook fish. Less mess and fish cooked in the juices from the vegetables always end up perfect to eat. The French call this way of cooking “en papillote” which means in parchment, the method of cooking in which the food is put in a folded pouch and baked. Using foil in cooking is perfect for cookouts and camp food. Some of my favorite meals were fish cooked on an open fire with aluminum foil. Because it is so fun for kids to make their own fish dish, it is also a great way to get them to eat fish.

Check out more fish recipes here:
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Fish Pack recipe from After school program in Norway

For teachers and early childhood educators: Using food as way to connect with the outdoors is a very important part of any outdoor program in Scandinavia, both for daycares and schools. Food will usually be cooked over an open firer but a gas grill in your backyard will do the trick.

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