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Have an Easter picnic

easterpicnicWhether you are celebrating Passover or Easter this week be sure to have a picnic outside with your family this holiday.

Spend some time with family and friends al fresco and head outside for lunch or brunch. Pack your picnic basket and go for a hike somewhere. Better yet, get your bikes tuned up and go for a bike ride this weekend. Do some fun Easter activities like Easter Bunny Hunt or the old standby Easter Egg Hunt.

Our picnic is inspired from what is in season in produce and what the Easter Bunny may like.

Ham and Swiss Quiche

Spring salad: Asparagus & Spinach

Carrot cupcakes (these are the Easter Bunny's favorite)

This is how you do it:

Start with making carrot cupcakes by using this recipe from Marta Stewart and her frosting.  For decorations use a piping bag to decorate the cupcake. Use mini milk chocolate eggs for decoration.

Mini Ham and Swiss Quiche: Use this recipe from ehow on how to make mini ham and swiss quiche. Perfect for an Easter picnic.hamcheeseQ

Asparagus / spinach It might be a little early in Canada, but I know asparagus and spinach can be found locally in a lot of farms in the US. (Send some sunshine to us, please)

Wash and break off the tough ends of the asparagus and discard them.  No need for an asparagus pan, just use a wide frying pan. Place your asparagus in the pan and add water until they are just covered. Add 2 tablespoon of butter. When the water has simmered off, add some olive oil and spinach and stir for a minute. Salt and pepper to taste. When it comes to asparagus I like them well cooked. I think it really makes the flavor pop out and the bitterness disappear. If you have never tried cooking asparagus until they are soft it is worth a try. Shave some fresh Parmesan on top and put in a container to bring to your picnic.cupcarrot

In your picnic basket:


Wet wipes



Picnic plates and forks

If you are picnicking in hotter temperatures be sure to add some cold packs to keep things fresh.

Happy Easter!

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