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Light Picnic dinner: Pita Tuna melt


In Toronto I’m lucky to live only a 15 minute walk to the beach. So now that the weather has been nice, after school we often jump on our bikes and ride to the beach. Being by the beach is an amusement for old and new.  Today they had fun throwing rocks in the water and making making land art.

Enjoy the summer and have a picnic


We packed in our picnic basket:

Greek salad



Pita Tuna melt (alternative bacon and cheese)

You need

Thin pitas

Tuna salad


Make tuna salad, I know you have your own favorite recipe for tuna salad, but if you don?t have a favorite, use this recipe

Spread your tuna salad over your pitas and add cheese over the pita. Get the kids to gather some herbs from outside that you are growing for just this occasion. Cover it with another pita and put in the oven for 10 minutes, till the cheese has melted.

Slice it in fours and put in a container.

I like to have pitas in the freezer for quick picnics ideas, and you can vary them in many different ways. Another idea is to fill the pitas with cheese and bacon.

Extras in your picnic basket:

Wet wipes


Picnic knives and forks


A cold pack to keep it fresh

More picnic ideas :

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