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Mother Day’s Picnic

All I want for Mother Day’s is sunshine, happy kids and my husband. Well, if I were totally honest, it would be nice if the kids and my husband would make a picnic for Mother’s Day. What he chooses is all the same to me, but he and the kids have a few of recipes to choose from on And so do you. Why not celebrate Mother’s Day with a picnic and a hike. If you want to make the day a little more interesting, how about trying geocaching?


Newfoundland 2009, our best picinc view ever

Here are some picnic ideas:

An old classic, hot dogs, not grilled but in a thermos

Into fish? Make some fish soup and bring it in a thermos

Bring some salad on the side

Make ham and cheese crescent

Have a picnic activity and make room for dessert, make ice cream

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