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Spring Cooking

Are you happy spring is here? So am I, not because nice weather, but because of fresh produce. For me asparagus and artichokes are a sign of spring, as well as kids playing with dandelions and violets. Being so lucky to live in Ontario I have been introduced to fiddleheads as well. So this is a sure sign of spring for me too. I'm happy to say my kales are producing and that rhubarb is growing in my small backyard.

Cheers for spring!

Here are some spring recipes for you.

Pasta with Fiddleheads

Playful Artichokes

Spring salad: Asparagus & Spinach

Dandelion syrup

Kale chips


Fairy (Pansy )cupcakes

I hope to continue exploring wild cooking with you. It is one of my passions in life and it is a wonderful and fun thing to do as a family or in an education setting. Believe it or not it there are many weeds and plants that can be eaten. I'm also so happy to discover more like minded people over at Canadian Health & Lifestyle Magazine who shared my love for dandelions and cooking. What do you like to cook in spring?


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