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Winter picnics

Winter Adventures

Winter is here and most of us are spending more time inside. This winter try using food and drinks as way to get outside. It is such a simple magical thing to have a hot chocolate after a skate or a sledding trip. Use your cooking time as part of your next adventure. It can often be as important as the adventure itself.

Do like Kristen does in Burlington have a picnic on a beautiful winter day. "Those winter days that are cold and crisp with a blue sky that goes on forever. Dress the youngsters warmly, grab the summer picnic blanket, your favourite picnic treats and head out to have an afternoon of winter fun." said Kristen.

Here is what we like to bring for our winter picnics
Hot chocolate

Ham and cheese crescent fun to make for kids too.

Fish soup

Hotdogs in a thermos

I am always looking for opportunities to have an open fire to cook. Here are a few camp food recipes

We are still waiting for the winter to arrive in Toronto and when it comes we are to make snow ice cream again.

Ideas and Tips for a Winter picnic from Simple Bites

Squash and red pepper soup,warm ham and cheddar sandwishes with chutney from

Check out thermos lunch Ideas on pinterest

Happy Winter!

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