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Winter thermos picnic

It is snowing in Toronto today. Some may think that is proof of the picnic season being officially over. Of course, that is not true for us at and for you. Many of our most memorable picnics have been alfresco, in the snow.

In our outdoor playgroups, the snacks and picnics are a very important part of the gathering. Bringing some good food and some hot chocolate is an important treat after your explorers have a little hike or are just out for some good old fashion play.

Thermos picnic

One very simple and popular picnic idea is to serve hotdogs kept hot in a thermos. You can serve a crowd and it does not take a lot of space in your backpack.


You need:




This is how you do it:

Bring water up to boil, put hotdogs in the water. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Pour the hot water into the thermos with your hotdogs. Make sure to close the thermos and it will keep your hotdogs hot for hours. Bring your favorite hotdog bun and condiments with you on your outdoor adventure. I find skinny tongs make it easier to get your hotdogs out of the thermos. A thermos can also be used to bring soup, chili or hot stew.

Now that we are in the cold season, hot chocolate is a must bring for every meeting outdoors.

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