Flower ice cubes

By Kari

We have violets in our backyard, and our kids love to pick and play with them. They love to put them in vases and make potions. Violets are edible and can be used in salads or as cake decorations, as frosted violets.

We decided we were going to make the violets last a little bit longer by preserving them in ice cubes this year. You can use any edible flower for this project. It is a fun activity to do as a family and you will have some unique one of a kind ice cubes for your BBQ’s this summer.icecubes1

You need:

Violets (or any edible flower you may have)


Ice cube trays

This is how to do it:

Pick violets (violets need to be free from pesticide)

Cut the stems of and put them in a bowl.

Bathe the violets in water a couple of times. Make sure there is no soil in the water.

Line up ice cube trays and put a Violet in each ice cube container and pour water over them.


What do you like to do with edible flowers?

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