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How to Host an Awesome Kids’ Hot Tub Party

My kids are entering their tweens this year, and I need fresh birthday party ideas. While looking through an outdoor living magazine, I saw an ad for hot tub rental. That’s an awesome kids’ party idea! My tweens will love the chance to enjoy a grown-up activity for a few hours, and I’ll earn cool mom points.

Here’s my plan for hosting a hot tub party for kids. Feel free to modify it to meet your family’s needs!

Provide Snacks

My kids are always hungry. I’m going to need tons of snacks and party foods.

To ward off the munchies, I’ll set out a vegetable and fruit tray, granola bars and trail mix. It sounds corny for a birthday party, but my kids love these snack foods.

I’ll keep everyone hydrated with water and lemonade. Individual water bottles and a 10-gallon cooler filled with lemonade are easy to serve and a necessity for my active kids and their friends.

And, of course, we’ll have cake. That’s a requirement for a birthday party!

Along with the snacks and cake, I’ll provide plenty of hand sanitizer, wipes and trash cans around the lawn. Kids aren’t known for hygiene, but a mom can dream!

Ensure Safety

Kids—and adults—shouldn’t spend too much time soaking in the hot tub. Young kids are especially susceptible to overheating.

To ensure safety, I’ll give each child a 15-minute limit in the hot tub. After a 45-minute break, they can get back in. I plan to hire a friend to ensure the kids follow the time limit and don’t get wild and crazy in the water.

I’ll also provide sunscreen. The kids will need it as they play outdoors.

Include Games

I know my kids will invite at least a dozen friends. Not everyone can enjoy the hot tub at the same time. A few games keep everyone entertained and active.

If I have extra cash, I’ll rent a bounce house. It will fit in my driveway and provide a way for the kids to relieve their excess energy.

Next, we’ll set up a volleyball net or soccer goals. My kids love playing these sports, and all the guests can play at once.

Finally, I’ll have a few card games and Twister set up. These activities should help everyone have fun.

I’m so excited about this hot tub party. To keep everything organized and reduce my stress, I’m relying on my ERP for food and beverage. It’s my assistant as I plan a great birthday experience for my kids. What other ideas would you implement to make a hot tub party the best one ever for your kids?


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