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Paint and set up a bird feeder

It is that time of year again. With almost all the leaves on the ground and Mister Frost's arrival during the nights, I am thinking about helping our feather friends. Feeding the birds is an excellent way to connect kids to nature in the winter. If you do it right you can be set up for a free nature show in your own backyard.


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Make a pumpkin scarecrow

Scarecrown We managed to fill an entire weekend based around building pumpkin scarecrows. It was a perfect combination of playing, house chore, family outing, harvesting and lots of arts and crafts.

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Make, fly a kite!

Fall can still give us warm and windy days that are perfect for kite flying. In Toronto last Saturday we attended an event called Windfest.It was a great event, though the bad weather was not collaborating. I learned that when it comes to flying kites there is such a thing as bad weather; rain makes it very hard to fly a kite

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Wild birds

Bird feeder

Kari Svenneby 

In fall and winter our bird friends can use some help through the winter. Start feeding birds and start watching them and collect data for who is coming back to your backyard. By a book and start identifying birds. One my favorite bird book for children is Backyard Birds by Robert Bateman.

When you start feeding birds in your backyard remember that you have to continue feeding them through the winter, birds become depended on your food and will come back to get it all winter.

A great way to start with bird watching is to start making bird food with your children. Making your own bird feeder is a fun craft you and your kids can do together. Sued (animal fat) and peanut butter (unsalted) and different seeds and nuts are common bird food.

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Thanksgiving table


As always here at, we use Mother Nature as the décor for our Holidays. With autumn being such a rich season, beautiful leaves and branches everywhere you have plenty of opportunities to make your table look beautiful and rich for Thanksgiving. Your kids are your best helpers; you can start early to collect nature’s beauty together. I promise, you will not only have a great table with almost no cost, you and your kids will get some cool nature experiences together.

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Playing with leaves

What else than fall leaves better symbolize nature play?

A pile of colorful leaves on the ground in the autumn is the stuff dreams are made of. There is so much you can do with leaves, both as materials for arts and crafts, but also as an activity for kids. A big pile of leaves is like a magnet for kid.

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