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10 fun rainy day activities

Recently, a magazine interviewed me about how children deal with being outside in all kinds of weather. The question reminded me that I have yet to meet a child who didn’t love puddles. I think children learn from us adults that rainy days and mud are “yucky”. Do you remember your best childhood memory? Maybe it was set in the middle of a big muddy puddle. My favorite memory was making channels and little streams out of puddles.

10 fun rainy activities

1. Build a world with canals and islands

2. Bring buckets and spades and make dirt soup or other delicious dishes

3. Make a boat out of bark and let it sail in the puddle

4. Find a hill were the water runs down. Put leaves in the water and watch it flow down the river

5. Watch the worms that comes out on rainy days

6. Puddle Jumping

7.Mud pies

Rainy Days -Worm letters and numbers by Courtney

Rain art by Debi

Painting in the rain by Mel

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