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Happy Fall ! Fall activity guide

It is that time again, shorter days and less sunlight.  For me, fall is Canada’s number one season.  If you ever think about visiting Toronto make sure you visit in the fall.Fall in Toronto is warm days and gorgeous nights with beautiful fall foliage and harvest bounty for the farmers markets.


Make sure you dress appropriately to enjoy the fall, and don’t forget to be seen and be safe this fall with our Safety Reflectors when you are out biking or walking.

Here is what we love to do in fall.

Follow and observe monarchs getting ready to fly south

Collect horse chestnuts and make animal art

Collect Seeds

Make Fall Scarecrows for our front garden

Make a Pumpkin Scarecrow

Set up a birdfeeder

Make and fly a Kite

Collect Leaves and make a Leaf Shirt

Play with leaves

Collage of leaves

Go apple picking and make apple cake or apple pie and applesauce

Go Pumpkin picking and make a pumpkin pie


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