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November guide

Do you Do you find it hard to get outside in November?

Some days, when I find myself looking out the window seeing fall's dark, rainy and cold weather, I have to muster the motivation to pull out the necessary warm layers for the darkening season. Though it sometimes isn’t very appealing, we still try to get out every day. Even if it is just walking to school, playing at the playground, playing in the leaves or some old fashioned puddle jumping.

One of the things that seem to be a consensus is that it can be hard to get outside this time of year. Not just because of the weather but also the dark days of winter. Wearing reflectors this time of year can prevent accidents for adults and kids, so make sure you are visible this time of year.

Here is what my family likes to do in the November :

Since it is not really winter where I live we can still go Go gecaching and Letterboxing

Set up a birdfeeder in your backyard

Make a leaf maze

Collect pine cones for Christmas decorations before they freeze to the ground

I get to celebrate Thanksgiving two times because I’m married to an American and we use nature as décor for our Thanksgiving table l

Go Star gazing, Debi in Go Explore Nature shows you how

Make sure you are ready for winter

Gather your gear (skis, skates and snowshoes) for the winter season so you will be ready when the snows arrive.

Click her for our guide how to dress for all kinds of weather

I do not know about you, but here in Canada it is definitely starting to be hot chocolate season.  Here is our recipe for hot chocolate

Hiking food

Have a wonderful November!


Be Safe Be Seen Wear Safety reflectors you can buy them here

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