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Pinecone art and make an Advent wreath

Last Monday we had fun collecting pinecones on our hike and decorating them and making an advent wreath.  Advent wreaths are a tradition very common in Europe. In my home country of Norway, we would light a candle and cite a poem by Inger Hagerup. 1. Candle for joy, 2 for hope and joy, 3 for longing, hope and joy.  4 candles lighted for longing, hope, joy and peace – but first and foremost for Peace on earth

Pinecones are not just for art, they also demonstrate mathematics as well. They are good at showing Fibonacci numbers. All cones grow in spirals, starting from the base where the stalk was, and going round and round the sides until they reach the top. For more information click here


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You need:
Collect and gather pinecones




This is how you do it:
Use a brush to apply glue on pinecones. Sprinkle glitter and you have a festive pinecone. This is a perfect craft for little hands and can be used on table settings, wreaths and tree decorations.

I made the Advent wreath for from the natural materials in and around my garden, including pinecones.

More advent wreath inspiration




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