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Paint and set up a bird feeder

 It is that time of year again. With almost all the leaves on the ground and Mister Frost's arrival during the nights, I am thinking about helping our feather friends. Feeding the birds is an excellent way to connect kids to nature in the winter. If you do it right you can be set up for a free nature show in your own backyard.

Paint a bird feeder

you need:

Wooden bird feeder

Waterproof acrylic paint


Bowl with water

Apron to protect clothing

Seed for birds in your area

Tell you kids to design the colors of the bird feeder before they start. Depending of age let them paint and use their imagine. We choose not to pain our birdfeeders feeding area. Just because we do not take the chance to give the birds any paint.  Let it dry, and hang it up where you want it with birdseeds.

Last year our family made pinecone feeders, only to discover that the only one who ate our food was the squirrels. We did try a few other feeders made out of juice boxes and another bird feeder from the store. Still with the same result no birds, only squirrels. I love the squirrels, but I really would love to see some birds in my backyard.

After scanning information on the Internet, I found what seems like a consensus about how to make a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

Make a squirrel-proof bird feeder

Bird Feeder Mounting Pole Kit

Buy a squirrel baffle feeder guard

A bird feeder

Follow instruction on guide on box and put it together. Also make sure that all items are there when you leave the store. Not all the parts for the squirrel baffle feeder guard came home with me from the store. That is why I do have not the baffle on the image. I will update how it is going with our bird feeder on Kari’s Blog

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