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Wild birds

Bird feeder

In fall and winter our bird friends can use some help through the winter. Start feeding birds and start watching them and collect data for who is coming back to your backyard. By a book and start identifying birds. One my favorite bird book for children is Backyard Birds by Robert Bateman.

When you start feeding birds in your backyard remember that you have to continue feeding them through the winter, birds become depended on your food and will come back to get it all winter.

A great way to start with bird watching is to start making bird food with your children. Making your own bird feeder is a fun craft you and your kids can do together. Sued (animal fat) and peanut butter (unsalted) and different seeds and nuts are common bird food.

 We had problem finding sued in stores in Toronto, so we just bought a premade bird food with sued and made some bird food out of that in w shape we wanted

For more bird food recipes look here

Pinecone birdfeeder

You need:

Collected or bought pinecones

Peanut butter (with out any salt)



Natural twine; hemp flax or cotton


Cut a long length of the natural twine to hang the bird feeder.

Attach the twine to the pinecone by tying it around a few top.

Place the pinecone on a piece of paper towel or a paper plate.

Spread peanut butter on the pinecone by a knife as much penutbutter as possible.

Sprinkle birdseeds on the pinecone


You need

Wreath (home made or bought)

Pinecones in peanut butter and seed

Floral wire

Make a wreath with twigs and vines form your garden. Forming as best you can in a circle.

Have pinecones by twisting a new piece of wire around the base of the cone, leaving a tail of 8 to 10 inches. Tie the wired cone's tail to the wreath.

Let the pinecones face down on your wreath, and tie two length of wires in cross and hang it up were you want it to be.

You can also add other bird food as well to wreath.

Buy binoculars, notebook some and start bird watching!

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