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Make Fall Scarecrows


This weekend we made our garden ready for fall. We planted mums and kale for our garden and decorated our garden with scarecrows. As always we try to keep this fun for the kids. This time we made fall scarecrows out of old kids clothing, and picked leaves in our backyard for to fill our scarecrows with.

Fun to make as a family and looks great in your garden


How to make scarecrows

You need:

Leaves for stuffing

Old clothes, pants and shirt or baby sleeper


Wire, twine or nails

Black marker

This is how you do it: tie knots in the ends of the pants and stuff with leaves. Sew the shirt to waist of the pants. Make a whole in the crotch of the pants.

Make a cross out of a stick and shorten the length to match arms. Put the stick through pants and stick in the soil. Put the horizontal stick through the shirt arms. Stuff it with leaves.

Head : Use an old pantyhose and fill it with leaves and shape it like a head. Cut a piece of an old sheet of the size of the head. Wrap the sheet over the head and tie the head opening onto the top of the long stake with rope. Add decorations to make it scary or happy.


Have a fun, happy fall!

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