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fall Gardening

Our city kids get a thrill out of harvesting fruit and vegetables. They have been doing such good work! Tomatoes you have grown yourself just taste better. It is not just about the harvesting but the whole process; learning together as a family about growing our own food. We definitely appreciate our fruit and vegetables in the stores after our successes and failures. There is a lot of work involved to go from seed to full plants.

Even though fall is preparing for winter, we still have some work for the spring season. Bulbs need to be planted in the ground before the frost comes and we can enjoy flowers in the spring.
October is also a great month to think about planting some bulbs in your basement for Christmas decorations.

Plant Kale,brussel sprout,cabbage and garlic
You can think about planting food in the fall as well. Buy kale,brussel sprout and cabbage from your local gardening store. Garlic doesn't grow from seeds, you use actual cloves of garlic. Although you could use garlic bought from the grocery store, garlic bought from your local garden center, farmers' market or specialty catalogue offers much larger bulbs and better flavor. In addition, garlic from a grocery store may have been treated to prevent sprouting.Plant garlic just before Mr Frost arrive.

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Some spring bulbs to plant in fall.
Easter Lilies

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