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Fall gardening: collect seeds


In our family we have collected seeds from vegetables many times, but we have not yet done a real collecting of seeds in the fall. It is one of the activities that I keep planning to do with my kids but I keep forgetting. Collecting seeds are a great activity for kids and adult in the fall and can easily be done at school. One of my blogger friends Suz in Slow Family Online taught me first how easy it is to collect seeds from nasturtium and other plants.

Collecting seeds from Nasturtiums are also a great activity for small hands because the seeds are quite big. My two year old had so much fun doing it.


Anyway, the opportunities for collecting seeds this time of year came after a day of walking back from school with a friend. On the way we passed a beautiful front garden loaded with nasturtiums. (We of course asked the owner for permission)

This how we did it:
I showed them what the seeds look like and then had the kids collected them. When we came home we put them on a baking sheet on top of a paper towel to dry.


What kind of seeds have you collected this fall?

Here are some resources on how to harvest, store and dry seeds and a lesson plan for teachers.

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