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Backyard Play online show

We had fun last night in our first live radio show and facebook chat talking to Debi at Go Explore Nature about life in general in L.A and Backyard Play. Thanks for everyone for coming out and listening to us and chatting along on our facebook page.

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Backyard Play resources

Create an outdoor Heaven

Mudpie kitchen:

Outdoor family garden

Our Front Yard Family Room

Gardening :

Container gardening with kids ,

Grow potatoes,lettuce,pumpkin,

Grow Sunflowers: 5 fun activities

Plant tomato plants in an upside down planter


Go outside and play fortune teller

Go fishing in your own backyard

Outdoor lanterns

Water play

Soap bubbles

Sand play

Check Simple Outdoor ideas every Monday


Flower ice cubes

Fairy Cupcakes: Sugared flowers

Rhubarb soup and crepes

Mulberry icing

Mulberry liquor

Camp food

Make Ice cream

Make BBQ pizza

Climb a tree make a cherry cake

From our garden : potato chips



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Leaving the city for nature

The Trade-Off
dandelion_babyBy Laura Geiger
Six months ago, our family of five moved from bustling Toronto to a rural eleven acres just under an hour outside of the city. In the same move, my two older children, aged four and seven, left their public alternative school and began a life of unschooling.

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Let’s Go Play this summer ! Interactive talk show 27 June 10 pm- 11 pm EST


Join us for a glass of wine or whatever you fancy. We are celebrating summer with our first web talk show and a Facebook chat here at  We will talk about backyard fun ideas, how to create a backyard heaven for kids and adults. We also want to hear from our outdoor playgroups about the highlights of their last year of living the motto, No bad weather only bad clothing. We know there are so many parents that do so much great work out there and we want to hear all about your challenges and triumphs. Add a comment

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Happy Summer ! Happy Solstice !

Happy Summer, happy solstice ! Be inspired to get in midsummer spirit by our wonderful  photos by Manualla Pararas from a Midsummer celebration in Oriole Park.

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Debra’s Backyard Play Space

I have known Debra since we both rented apartments in the same neighborhood in the city of Toronto. Our daughters became best friends when they joined my first outdoor playgroup. (This was also the start of

Today we both live in houses in a different area in the city and Debra has created quite a haven for both kids and adults. Debra also runs an outdoor playgroup in a neighborhood called The Beach.

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