Biking a part of our family life

One of the many great gifts my father gave me in life was biking. It’s not because we considered ourselves hardcore bikers, we mainly used the bike as way to get around in the city and to go for family trips together.

I think I have always owned a bike in my life. Not because it was green or it was the healthy living thing to do, it was just an easy and fun way to get around that made me happy. It still makes me happy and it is always great when we are together on a family outing.

I hope your family is enjoying biking as much as we do. Our community of parents has been wonderful to share their reviews about gear and bike trailer/bike seats. (Please notice that none of these posts are sponsored)


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Family biking in the city

Elizabeth Nemethy
First of all let me say that this post is not meant to come across as a sanctimonious brag about how wonderful we are as a family that bikes. Sure, we are wonderful but we also have a lot of factors working in our favor that make getting around by bike an easy choice lots of the time. For example we live within a block of an excellent, flat bike path. I hate hills so I can guarantee that if our rides involved any kind of incline, I'd be a lot less inclined to bike. So while I'd encourage everyone to bike more and car less, I know it's not always easy. And before I polish my halo too brightly, I cannot begin to pretend that we are giving up our vehicle. We're not that hardcore! But we are trying to make a conscious choice bike as often as we can and for trips that we might not typically have thought of as bike trips (we biked to the movies the other day for example).

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Family biking and front bike seat :Ibert

By Kari Svenneby
I had a lot of fun biking with my first child on a front bike seat. My daughter loved it and I liked having her in front of me. Today, I’m happy to say she is a wonderful biker thanks in no small part, to her Like-A-Bike and perhaps an early introduction to biking. For our family it is a way of living and we will use the bike as an active mode of transportation to get around in the city. We also enjoy biking just for fun.

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Two Years of Magic
Two years on the road. 24 months of steadily making our way southward. 104 weeks and 20,000 kilometers of magic.

As I look back on these two years since we left home on June 8, 2008, I think about how Davy and Daryl have changed. My mind goes back to that day when we climbed aboard our bikes for the very first time and the boys looked so small and vulnerable and I wondered what I was doing taking them on a bicycle ride to the other end of the earth.

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Chariot Sidecar

By Debra Scott
Why did I choose the Chariot sidecar?  First I’d like to acknowledge its drawbacks. It is a single function piece of equipment.  It can only carry one child, doesn’t have any extra storage and it doesn’t convert to a stand alone stroller or a ski pulk in the winter. It is a sidecar and that is all that it is. So at first glance it may seem a tick impracticle, however it does have its advantages and I’ll tell you why I like mine.

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