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10 gifts for Active Kids

My gift list for Active Kids are based on practical items that encourage outdoor play. Especially if you and your family share our motto, “no bad weather only bad clothing”.





1) Merino wool thermal underwear and wool socks

We have loved merino wool for a long time and always made a point of buying it in Europe when we visited. Considering how popular it is for adults it is hard to believe it is still hard to find merino wool for kids in North America. But you can find organic merino wool by Warmth And Weather in Canada

2) Water proof gloves

Polarn O. Pyret and Puddlegear has them, so your kids will stay dry and can play outdoors in all kinds of weather. Layer with wool or fleece mittens.

3) Splash pants:

They are great for slushy days but also when spring puddles arrive. Polarn O. Pyret and Puddlegear have them. As an outdoor playgroup leader and blogger, Courtney says, “These pants are great in so many ways- EVERY CHILD SHOULD HAVE A PAIR!  Put them right over their fleeces or jackets if it's cold out and they're protected whether they're digging in dirt,  jumping in puddles or sledding in really wet snow… greatest invention ever.

Active Kidyellowkid


4)’s Safety Reflectors

Be safe and be seen in the winter darkness. Great for when you are out walking/biking and playing outdoors also for a fun reflector hunt. Great as stocking stuffers and gifts.Buy them here

5) Hot chocolate kit for your active family’s friends.

6) Bird watching kit:

Bird food, binoculars and a birding book. Starting to watch birds in the winter is a great way to connect children with nature.

7) Make sure your family has whatever they need to enjoy the outdoor sport you enjoy.  Sleds, skis, snowshoes or skates.

8) Make sure you and your family go for outdoor adventures during the holidays. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small.

9) Books that encourage outdoor play

It does not have to be books that explicitly encourage play. I love to read old classic with my kids like Tom Sawyer, Pippi Longstcocking and A Praire Boy's Winter by William Kurlek. They are all books that are wonderful children’s books that encourage imaginative outdoor play.

10) Cookie cutters to make snow cakes and snow cookies

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