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A kicksled great for winter adventures


Today Shawna tells us how her family uses her kicksled/spark here in Canada. The spark ("kick" in Norwegian) was orginally from Norway and commonally used as way to get from A to B and for recreational use in Scandinavia.

When did your family start using a kicksled?
We got our first kicksled 5 years ago. We just had our third child and wanted some more wintertime activities to do with our 3 small children.


How do you use a kicksled?
You can put snow runners on the blades and take it on trails or keep the snow runners off and use it on a frozen lake or pond (this works well in areas where the water freezes safely in the winter).One foot goes on the blade and the other one pushes the sled.It goes remarkably fast and is both fun and a very good workout when at full speed.  It works a lot like a skateboard, but is on ‘runners’ or ‘blades’.The kicksled can be used in some way by all kids – giving them a sense of independence, confidence and most of all getting them outside, learning and having fun.

Why do you enjoy the kicksled so much?
It is fast and fun, but can also function well when we are just walking (like the perfect winter stroller). It has helped the kids feel independent and skilled at a winter sport since they were very small.  We have been able to go on long adventures in the winter without pulling small kids in a toboggan when they get tired. Everyone in our family loves using it – from grandparents to toddlers.


Do you have tips for how to get started as a family with kicksledding any special skills required?
The wonderful part of a kicksled is that there are no special skills needed.It is very forgiving for people learning. All you need is the desire to have fun outside.It does need a fair size trail or space with snow or ice and it works beautifully in open spaces.

Where did you get your kick sled?
Online. They are ordered in from Finland.

About Shawna
I am the mother of 3 beautiful children and am very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in Ontario – the Madawaska Valley.I work with a charitable organization called KidActive – Healthy Children, Communities and Environment. We collaborate with community partners to support every child’s opportunity for outdoor active play, learning outside & active transportation.Our work focuses on getting more kids outside and ensuring they have nearby and accessible inspiring, safe and natural environments and healthy communities.

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