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Its pouring rain. One of those days that 9am feels like 5pm and is-it-time-for-bed-yet? *Yawn* One of the kids is sleeping, one is playing with playdoh and the other is bored out of his mind.

"Want to color?"




"Want to play cars?"




"Well, what would you like to do?"

For awhile, this situation is great. I blow giant bubbles, kid is happy. But this kid, MY kid, loves adventure...and water...and neither is on the porch. But when its pouring just a foot away...

One step down the stairs and he gets a taste of spring rain on his fluffy head.

Two steps down and he is getting pretty wet, shoulders, arms, chubby toes and giggling like an idiot.

A few more steps and the kid is soaked.


Oh my GOSH, JACKPOT! He looks as me like I must have lost my mind. No coat? Umbrella? Pants? Boots? Nothing....? I imagine the dialog to a conversation that I note to have with him when he is much older:

"Back in MY day, we used plastic bags if we didn't have coats and when we got wet anyway, we pretended they were sleds on wet grassy hills and yeah, we were muddy, soaked and completely, totally, utterly, blissfully happy. Like, your face hurts from smiling, HAPPY."

He finds a puddle to jump in, squats down and SPRINGS into the air, water flying all around him, and me, and he lets out a SHREEEEEEEK! of excitement.

I don't think I'll need to give him any ideas as to what to do on a day like today. My face hurts from smiling, so does his.

Its so easy to get caught up in the everyday of every. day. Sometimes its easy to forget that kids don't need much more than a puddle and their able little bodies, a willing Mommy, and they're just fine.

Best.morning.ever. Courtesy of Mother Nature

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