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10 Steps to Planning a Camping Trip

Guest blog by Robyn Shepherd

Living in the city is great, no doubt about it; however, our family needs to reconnect with nature for at least a couple of weeks a year to enjoy the re-energizing effects of country living. One way we get revitalized is by going camping!


Here are our 10 Steps to Planning a Camping Trip:

1. Check the calendar and pick a weekend (Hint: Choosing the weekend AFTER a long-weekend will nearly guarantee less traffic on the road!) Remember to block this time off at work—very important!

2. Book the campsite using the provincial or national park’s website: If the site you want is highly sought-after, stay up until midnight on the first day of booking to guarantee your spot!

3. Make a list of things to pack: It helps to visualize a day at camp, hour-by-hour. Organize by: kitchen, equipment, clothing, food, car essentials. Always plan for inclement weather!

4. Head to the local equipment store: We found it helpful to buy transparent totes to see contents easily. Organize the totes by function: kitchen equipment, dishes and cutlery, tools, food stuffs…

5. Run all your dishes, cutlery, utensils, pots and pans through the dishwasher before packing.

6. Load the car.

7. Make your menu for the trip and head to the grocery store.

8. Confirm car essentials: maps, mp3 player/CDs, snacks, water, garbage bag, paper towels, magnetic board games, and whatever else you can’t live without during a long road trip.

9. Lock up and ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the house. Your neighbour may even agree to park in your spot to give the impression that someone is home. Asking someone to take in the mail, during long trips, is also quite helpful.

10. Fill up the car with gas and check the oil.

By following these steps, your camping trip will start with no headaches. Enjoy the country air and have fun camping!



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