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Camping in Ontario

Last summer my family went camping in Northern Ontario to Pukaskwa National Park. It was a far away destination from Toronto; a 14 hour drive and that is only one way. We enjoyed the road trip through Ontario to Puskawa and especially the stop at Agawa Rock Pictographs, a half kilometer mini scenic hike. It was so neat to see pictographs up close.

Agawa Rock Pictographs

The drive to Pukaskwa Park was so worth the effort. The landscape in the park was diverse, rugged and wild with wonderful hiking opportunities and canoeing.

Pukaskwa National Park

Pukaskwa’s Coastal Hiking Trail is a premier backcountry-hiking destination in Northern Ontario. My family pitched a tent in the quiet campgrounds and hiked a part of the costal trail to the White River suspension bridge (18 km round trip). We also swam and enjoyed Lake Superior’s beauty and hiked the mini trails in the park. We also foraged a few mushrooms, blueberries and lingonberries by the trails too. This park was suggested to me as NOT a family friendly park and most people suggested that we go to Lake Superior Park instead . But, we are a family that truly enjoyed the scenic landscapes and our hike to the White River Bridge. So far this has been my best hike in Ontario. Next time we are coming back we will do the whole Coastal Hiking Trail (60 km)

Hattie Cove

Pukaskwa National Park

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I asked our facebook community about what they thought was the best camping in Ontario. Here is what they said.

Melodie: I think Ontario has many great campgrounds but I'm partial to Algonquin. A few thousand square miles of beautiful landscapes. Perfect for the car camper or the adventurous interior portager.

Summer: Algonquin is just gorgeous all around. It has great trails and water and can be good for casual or backcountry camping.

Presqu'ile Provincial Park is nice with good beaches and a marsh.

I've heard Pinery Provincial Park is gorgeous and I plan to try it this summer. A friend said the beach is better than the ocean.

Cape Croker is nice and quiet with good rock climbing.

Georgian Bay National Park is accessible by boat - but you can rent tents and only bring supplies. It has a lovely beach and fantastic hiking.

Awenda Provincial Park - a great beach with the most amazing large rocks. Also good canoeing and trails; all are great for different reasons.

Agawa Rock

Pancake Bay Provincial Park - the best beaches in the world!


Sandbanks (busy)



Bronwyn: Massassauga Park is great if you have a canoe. Remote and close by. Totally doable in a normal two-day weekend. Awesome getaway.

Where do you like to camp in Ontario ?

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