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Every Day is a Play Day Week

Do you find it hard to get outside in November?

Some days, when I find myself looking out the window seeing fall's dark, rainy and cold weather, I have to muster the motivation to pull out the necessary warm layers for the darkening season. Though it sometimes isn’t very appealing, we still try to get out everyday. Even if it is just a little bit of walking to school, playing at the playground, playing in the leaves or some old fashion puddle jumping.

I hope you are ready for the “Every Day is a Play Day" Challenge. We are challenging everyone to get their kids outside, every day, during the week starting November 14 to November 19 with inspiration and help from Polarn O. Pyret and

We are asking parents to get their kids outside EVERY DAY– even if it's raining, muddy, windy or cold. We want to hear about kids walking / biking to school, on the playground, jumping in the leaves, exploring the woods and just plain getting out, no matter the weather. Because as you know, our philosophy is: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

There are many ways to participate in our "Every Day is a Play Day" as a parent, blogger and educator.

As a parent and educator. Like both Polarn O. Pyret and Facebook pages and during the week of Novemeber 14th - 19th share your fun ideas with us on how you embrace the elements. Get deals, win prizes and participate in chats on how we can best embrace the elements with some fun outdoor play ideas.

And for every post made about making every day a play day, we'll be making a $1 donation to the National Wildlife Federation's 'Be Out There' campaign.

If you are an educator let us know how you get your kids outside at your school for recess or how you incorporate outdoor learning in your curriculum.

As a blogger, partner up with us by using our link up “Every Day is a Play Day” (November 14 to 19th ) and blog contest. (click here for more information)

EverydayShare you ideas on how you get outside in a blog post and help us spread the word about the “Every Day a Play Day.

We know that we have many outdoor play champions as passionate as we are in the blogsphere and think it is great that you as a blogger are sharing your passion about getting kids outside. To make it a little more exciting than a normal link up, you will get the opportunity to win a prize for the best outdoor play post. $200 gift certificate from Polarn O. Pyret. (link up is open for all international bloggers but to be able to win you have to live in the U.S) We will promote your content on twitter and facebook.

Get started as a blogger (click here)

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