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Host a community event for a good cause

You might be wondering what does this have to do with outdoor play? It has everything to do with building an outdoor community and getting people outside for a good cause.

Some ideas for what you can do in your neighborhood to get kids outside and fundraise for a good cause/community project

Organize walks in your community

Sledding parties (a Sled-athon )

Organize hikes in the park

Let the kids make snow art in the snow

Get to know the neighbors by walking in your neighborhood asking for donations to your cause.

Make bird food and sell it to people

Make seedlings to people and sell it at your school's Fun Fair or Communty Event.

Hot Chocolate Stand/Lemonade Stand


Photo by Carolyn Kubbinga

In our community we have hosted an annually skating party with a hot chocolate stand with baked goods to raise funds for  maintenance of our community ice rink but also as way to celebrate our community.

Chip Danoe, organizer of a nature club in Virginia hosted a walk in their park to fundraise for a local food bank.

Susana, a friend of ours, made cupcakes for Haiti. It was like a lemonade stand like event where she and her family sold cupcakes with the proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Which makes me think that we should all try to organize fundraisers based on getting kids outside in our communities.  So we want to challenge everyone to organize outdoor community events. Let us create an outdoor play movement to fundraise for good cause or raise funds for your community project. It does not matter how big or small the event, just do it!

When you are looking for organizations to give your funds, it is important that you choose a well know organization like Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders US (Doctor Without Borders non US Residents)  (There have recently been a lot of spammers trying to get money without being a legal organization.)

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