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Yours to Discover! by Bronwyn

We're from BC. We're ocean kayakers, rainforest hikers, mountain trekkers, and we know how to camp in the rain.

We moved to Ontario last February, and were horrified to see the summer nearly escape without a family wilderness adventure. Afraid of having our "outdoorsy" status revoked and of being demoted to "frauds with a basement full of gear," we scrambled to plan a trip for the last weekend in September.

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Outdoor Spaces in New York

newyorkfrontCreative Sitters Top 5 Kid-friendly Outdoor Spaces in New York
Close your eyes...Imagine the words: outdoor, play, & New York City
What comes to mind?  For many it’s taxis, skyscrapers and Central Park. It almost seems that us New Yorkers are against outdoor playtime and instead our focus is on academics! There is, however; an underground movement crying out for the need for outdoor spaces in New York.

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Everyday life Cape Town style

We live in a ‘cottage’ style house with a small backyard. There is a wonderful tree which has grown big enough for us to make use of it to the fullest – with rope ladders, rings, a trapeze and two ropes for climbing and swinging. My husband has also built a jungle gym structure out of fallen-off branches that we find on our walks. The girls are very creative in finding new ways of using the garden, whether it is new tricks on the ropes, making a house under the jungle gym or digging and mixing with sand and mud.

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Florida Road Trip Highlights

We recently spent a week in Florida, plus about 2 days driving each way. As a family more interested in the natural than the commercial, here are our highlights. Savannah Georgia,Crystal River, Disney, Magic Kingdom,Beaches and The Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Add a comment

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Summer in Norway

By Kari Svenneby
One of the things that strike me about Canada is how similar Norway and Canada are in both landscape and climates. It is as if someone left Canada in the dryer too long and made a woolen Norway shrink. The coastlines, the mountains and the breathtaking views of Norway are very similar to Canada. Even the similar climates, and our abilities to produce both oil and fish products seem to connect us. 

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