Fall gardening: collect seeds

nasturiumfrontIn our family we have collected seeds from vegetables many times, but we have not yet done a real collecting of seeds in the fall. It is one of the activities that I keep planning to do with my kids but I keep forgetting. Collecting seeds are a great activity for kids and adult in the fall and can easily be done at school.

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Yours to Discover! by Bronwyn

We're from BC. We're ocean kayakers, rainforest hikers, mountain trekkers, and we know how to camp in the rain.

We moved to Ontario last February, and were horrified to see the summer nearly escape without a family wilderness adventure. Afraid of having our "outdoorsy" status revoked and of being demoted to "frauds with a basement full of gear," we scrambled to plan a trip for the last weekend in September.


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PSSt..No bad weather, only bad clothing


It is fall and some rainy days, as you know rainy days do not stop us for getting out the door. In fact some of the most fun happen on rainy days.

But, you know it is not fun to get wet, that’s why rainy days call for proper clothing. Our favorites for kids raingear is Puddlegear, base in Vancouver the only place in North America who sells European style raingear. PVC free and functional raingear. With this gear you little will be set for many puddle-jumping contests .

 Jesper Pants






Psst: Tell them you read it here and you will get 10% off

Our sisters in Copenhagen have known this for a long time; you got to look stylish when walking in the rain. Ilse Jacobsen offers fabulous raingear. You can buy them at Gumdrops online. Base in Vancouver

Ilse Jacobsen Red Rain Coat

I have fetish like all women; shoes, but my is not normal shoes mine is rubber boots. 

My favorite right now for adults is Ilse Jacobsen and Hunter.

 hunter original rainboots, new yorkIlse Jacobsen Rogue Red Rain Boots



For kids no doubt it got to be Hunter

 NEW Hunter Fuschia Original Wellie Rain Boots K







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Leaf Shirt

We had some friends over today in our yard, kind of a rescheduling of events because it was raining last Thursday.  We still got outside on Thursday, but we were unable to do this craft. We gathered leaves and then the kids assembled them, along with sticks and whatever else they wanted, on t-shirts.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Encouraging My 9 Year Old to Ski

skialexis18Guest post by Tamsin Ingot
My daughter, Alexis, has always had a hard time trying new things. Even having her taste a new breakfast cereal has been a tricky task in the past, so you can imagine how much trouble it was to get her to try out a new sport! And this isn’t simply swimming or hockey we’re talking about; oh no, something a little more extreme: skiing.

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